The Boy Who Could Read Minds

The Boy Who Could Read Minds Kirsten Boie
Pub date 1st March 2012
Original publisher Oetinger (DE)

When Valentin discovers the cemetery near to the new house he and his mother have just moved to, he doesn’t yet know that the biggest adventure of his life is about to begin. He likes it there in the heat of the summer and not only because of the welcome shade under the big old trees. He makes friends with the regular visitors and the caretaker of the cemetery and might even have a chance to come to turns with the loss of his brother. But all of a sudden everything gets turned upside down. Is the friendly caretaker a criminal? Is he somehow connected to the robbery at the local jewellers?

Valentin’s strange and newly discovered gift of reading other people’s minds puts him in a truly dangerous situation.

This is a beautiful story about friendship and dealing with loss and grief, but also a really compelling crime novel for young readers. A fantastic adventure

Age: 8+

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