The Team

From our offices in London and through our many international offices we place books in translation throughout the world on behalf of UK and US agent and publisher clients.

We are also the primary agent for a distinguished list of international authors of fiction and non-fiction, including children’s writers.

Andrew Nurnberg Chairman
Sarah Nundy Executive Director
Jenny Savill Managing Director, ANA
Doug Wallace Managing Director
Michael Dean Senior Agent
Charlotte Merritt Agent
Silé Edwards Agent
Rory Clarke Agent
Andrew Holgate Affiliate Agent
Barbara Barbieri Senior Agent
Juliana Galvis Senior Agent
Lucy Flynn Senior Agent
Sabine Pfannenstiel Senior Agent
Ylva Monsen Agent
Halina Kościa Manager of Associated Agencies
Sam Downs Assistant Agent
Christina Kruse Assistant Agent
Isabel Williams Assistant Agent
Sarah Kingsford Foreign Rights Assistant
Saskia Willis PA to Andrew Nurnberg/Assistant to UK Agents
Siobhan Kelly Head of Client Accounting
Alan Ingram Head of Company Accounting
Rosemarie Mills Royalties Manager
Fay Malik Royalties Manager (Part time)
Oliver Platt Senior Accounts Assistant
Sarah McFadden Senior Royalties Analyst
Alyona Alieva Royalties Analyst
Luke Williamson Contracts Manager
Kate Hibbert Head of Contracts


Andrew Nurnberg Associates
3-11 Eyre St Hill, London, EC1R 5ET, United Kingdom


+44 (020) 3327 0400