Entfuehrung Mit Jagdleopard

Entfuehrung Mit Jagdleopard Kirsten Boie
Pub date 30th October 2015
Original publisher Oetinger (Germany)

Jamie-Lee is ten and her life is not easy: her mother drinks too much and one day, she even has to stay in hospital. Her grandmother doesn’t have time either to look after her because she wants to move to Poland with her new boyfriend.

Despite all this, Jamie-Lee sees her chance to do something amazing: she invites Fee, a little girl who has run away from home, to stay with her. But Fee’s parents believe that her daughter has been kidnapped.

When the homeless Mr Wildeck and his cheetah move into Jamie-Lee’s house, the chaos is complete!

Unique characters and a captivating plot, an effervescent imagination and lots of humorous ideas – an original crime novel by Kirsten Boie.

Age: 10+


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