Bird of Hope

Bird of Hope Kirsten Boie
Pub date 12th January 2023
Original publisher Oetinger

Jabu and his mother, the Good Queen of Happy Land, live together in their Royal Cottage. If there is a decision to be made, all citizens gather in their garden. One day, however, when the residents appear, they are suddenly argumentative and envious. The reason is soon apparent: it’s because the Bird of Hope has stopped singing. Now it’s up to Jabu to find out where it has disappeared to – and to bring it back to Happy Land. It’s a big, frightening task, and so Jabu is glad that Alva, the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, will accompany him. The two of them board an old ship, the Heroic Helene, and set off in search of the Bird of Hope. Their mothers were unable to provide them with weapons for their journey, but they did give them one thing: a comforting melody.

Kirsten Boie’s new book is a manifestation of the hope that all people around the world will one day live in peace, and a story about the power of forgiveness and redemptive kindness.

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