Bestimmt Wird Alles Gut (Everything Will Be Alright)

Bestimmt Wird Alles Gut (Everything Will Be Alright) Kirsten Boie
Pub date 20th January 2016
Original publisher Klett Kinderbuch (Germany)
International publishers Booklight (Korea), Thaqafa Publishing (Lebanon), Lilla Piratförlaget (Sweden)  

A No. 1 bestseller in Germany

Many people are currently on the run: some are escaping from war in their home countries, some are being persecuted for political or religious reasons, others are suffering poverty and hunger and wish for a better future for their children.

But what does it mean to be a refugee? Why do people risk the dangerous journey in shaky boats over the sea to live with us in foreign countries? And what does it mean to be obliged to leave your home, your belongings and your language?

Kirsten Boie, the much-loved German children’s author, has met two children from Syria who have told her their story, how they escaped from their home country and arrived in a foreign country.

Age: 6+

Published in a beautiful, colour-illustrated, bilingual German/Arabic edition, with a German/Arabic glossary at the back, so that children can learn everyday phrases.




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