Lena series

Lena series
Pub date 1st January 1993
Original publisher Oetinger (DE)
International publishers Ploegsma (NL), Cappelen Damm (NO), Berghs Förlag (SE), China Welfare Institute (CI), Kye Lim Bookschool (KO)   

Colour illustrations by Silke Brix

Lena plays football properly, for a club, with a coach and everything. But Mum says she’s got to stop. Not because Mum doesn’t like football, but because Lena has failed yet another maths exam. Maths is by far the vilest subject in the world. What does she care whether eight times six is forty-eight or not? When she grows up, she’ll use a calculator anyway. It’s just a pain that Mum doesn’t see it like that …

Age: 7+

Awards: June 1998 Beliebtestes schwedisches Kinderbuch 7-9 Jahre (Bokjuryn); January 1996 Tipp der Nieder-ländischen Kinderjury


Titles in the Lena series:

Lena hat nur Fußball im Kopf (All Lena Can Think of is Football), 1993

Vielleicht ist Lena in Lennart verliebt (Perhaps Lena is in Love With Lennart), 1994

Lena zeltet Samstag nacht (Lena’s Going Camping on Saturday Night), 1996

Lena findet Fan-Sein gut (Lena Thinks Being a Fan is Great), 1997

Lena möchte immer reiten (Lena Always Wants to Go Riding), 1998

Zum Glück hat Lena die Zahnspange vergessen (Luckily Lena forgets her braces), 2000

Lena - Allerhand und Mehr (Lena - All Sorts and More), 2002

Lena fährt auf Klassenreise (Lena Goes on a School Trip), 2004

Lena wünscht sich auch ein Handy (Lena Wants a Mobile Too), 2005 

Lena hat eine Tierkümmerbande (Lena and Friends Look After a Stray Dog), 2006
























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