Alhambra Kirsten Boie
Pub date 1st August 2007
Original publisher Oetinger (Germany)
Publisher (US) Arctis (WEL)
International publishers Connectum (Bosnia), Vivaldi (Hungary), KiKa (Poland), Urano (Spain), Grup Editorial 62 (Spain, Catalan), Berghs Förlag (Sweden), Linking Publishing (Taiwan), Kalima Foundation (United Arab Emirates)

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One moment Boston is with his fellow pupils at the Arabian silk market in Granada, the next, everything has suddenly changed. Boston has passed through a gateway in time and landed in the year 1492, where life becomes very dangerous for him. He arouses distrust at the Spanish royal court and falls into the brutal clutches of the Inquisition at the Alhambra. But two new friends, Tariq and Salomon, themselves in danger as a Muslim and a Jew, stand by him in this seemingly desperate situation. But Boston’s return depends not only on him finding the key to the present, but also on the discovery of America…

A magnificent novel by Kirsten Boie – enthralling, full of suspense, and fascinating right up to the final page.

Age: 12+

Awards: March 2010 – Evangelischer Buchpreis, Empfehlungsliste; June 2008 – Die Bremer Besten; January 2008 – White Ravens (Empfehlungsliste der IJB); November 2007 – Die Kinder- und Jugendbuchliste (RB/SR); October 2007 – Die besten 7 Bücher für junge Leser (DeutschlandRadio / Focus).

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