Leinen Los, Seerauber Moses (Ship Ahoy, Pirate Moses!)

Leinen Los, Seerauber Moses (Ship Ahoy, Pirate Moses!) Kirsten Boie
Pub date 20th January 2014
Original publisher Oetinger (DE)

Embroidery and Curtseying just isn’t Moses’ thing. Longingly, she thinks back to the time when she was a pirate girl on board of the WILD WALLI and not a noble princess. How much she would like to hunt for the stolen Blood Ruby, but princesses are just not allowed.

How very convenient that two strangers claim that their daughters are the real princess, and not Moses.

Thunder and Lightning! Moses might as well become a pirate again.

Pirate-strong, super thrilling and irresistibly funny – SHIP AHOY, PIRATE MOSES is a book of treasures, wild pirates, real and fake princesses.

Age: 6+

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