Monis Jahr (Moni's Year)

Monis Jahr (Moni's Year) Kirsten Boie
Pub date 30th August 2003
Original publisher Oetinger (Germany)

Kirsten Boie’s great childhood novel: a glimpse back to the year when everything changes.

It is 1955 and life is gradually returning to something like normality in Germany. Moni lives with her mother and grandmother in humble circumstances in Hamburg. Moni’s father went missing in the war, but her grandmother refuses to believe that he won’t come back. Moni will be going to senior school this year – and as she’s the first in her family to have made it, she doubts whether it’s really the place for her. Her old life with her old friends seems out of place with the new, and Moni is so full of new impressions that at first she doesn’t even notice when her mother meets someone new. Her grandmother simply cannot accept this development – and to begin with, Moni too is anything but happy about it.

Awards: April 2004 – Die Kinder- und Jugendbuchliste (RB/SR); November 2003 – Buch der Woche (Die WELT); November 2003 – Die besten 7 Bücher für junge Leser (DeutschlandRadio / Focus)

Age: 12+

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