Möwenweg Series

Möwenweg Series Kirsten Boie
Pub date 1st January 2000
Original publisher Oetinger (Germany)
International publishers Shaanxi Future (China), Kye Lim Bookschoo (Korea),  Cappelen Damm (Norway), DZS zaloznistvo (Slovenia)

Colour illustrations by Katrin Engelking

Eight children from a modern housing estate show in a highly infectious way (and one well worth copying) that you don’t necessarily have to grow up in Noisy Village to have a happy childhood. “When you move into a terraced house, the neighbours automatically come with it,” Tara’s Dad told her when they moved to Gull Street. And Tara’s Mum said, “Please God, let us be lucky.” God must have heard her because there’s nowhere in the world as nice as Gull Street. the best thing about Gull Street is that there are so many children there. There’s always something they can do together here: play mud desert, go hunting for criminals, have a picnic or spend the night in a tent – and form a gang, obviously. Laurin, Vincent and Petja are really stupid sometimes, but what else can you expect from boys? The main thing is that the girls are nice. And they are. One of them, Tieneke, is even Tara’s best friend. Small wonder, then, that Tara wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world than in Gull Street.

Awards: February 2001 – Die besten 7 Bücher für junge Leser (DeutschlandRadio / Focus)

Age: 8+


Titles in the Möwenweg series:

Ferien Im Möwenweg (Holidays in Gull Street), 2015

So schön ist es im Möwenweg (It’s So Lovely in Gull Street), Dec 2011

Ostern im Möwenweg (Easter in Gull Street), Feb 2011

Geheimnis im Möwenweg (A Mystery in Gull Street), 2010

Ein neues Jahr im Möwenweg (A New Year in Gull Street), 2008

Weihnachten im Möwenweg (Christmas in Gull Street), 2005

Geburtstag im Möwenweg (A Birthday in Gull Street), 2003

Sommer im Möwenweg (Summer in Gull Street), 2002

Wir Kinder aus dem Möwenweg (The Children of Gull Street), 2000










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