Albert series

Albert series Kirsten Boie
Pub date 30th August 2004
Original publisher Oetinger (Germany)

You simply can’t help liking Albert, he’s a bright little boy who can already say a lot of things. But sometimes he likes to mix words up and to lead his Mum on a merry dance. Full of humour and ideas for children to join in saying and doing what Mum and Albert do. With special pages that change the way things look.

Colour illustrations by Silke Brix

Age: 2+


Titles in the Albert series:

Albert ist eine Katze (Albert is a Cat), 2005

Albert spielt Verstecken (Albert Plays Hide-and-Seek), 2005

Albert macht Quatsch (Albert Plays Tricks), 2004

Albert geht schlafen (Albert Goes to Sleep), 2004

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