La Case Delle Voci

La Case Delle Voci Donato Carrisi
Pub date December 2019
Original publisher Longanesi (Italy)
International publishers Calmann-Lévy (France)

Pietro Gerber lives in Florence, the city where he was born. He is a child psychologist whose specialism is hypnosis. His work consists of helping children to overcome trauma or recover the memory something that has happened to them.

One winter’s morning, he receives a phone call from an Australian
colleague, a female psychologist who asks him to take on the case of one of her patients, Hanna Holt. During a hypnosis session, in Adelaide, a memory has emerged from Hanna’s unconscious of the murder of a little boy called Tobia, which took place in an unknown place in the Tuscan countryside when she herself was very young. Now the woman is coming back to Italy to find out whether the crime actually took place.

Gerber has only ever worked with young people and so he tries to refuse the case, but his colleague convinces him that the patient has real need of his help. In fact, Hanna Holt thinks that she is the one who murdered Tobia.

Pietro Gerber can’t imagine that this stranger’s story will end up involving him personally, pushing him to the edge of madness. He will learn that Hanna is neither weak nor defenceless, as she wants to appear. She has a plan, and she’s dangerous. For in Florence, there’s a secret that has lain buried for much too long, and it involves them both.


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