L’educazione delle farfalle (The Education of Butterflies)

L’educazione delle farfalle (The Education of Butterflies) Donato Carrisi
Pub date 7th November 2023
Original publisher Longanesi

The wooden house burns in the dead of night. Flames light up the valley on the mountains. In the stillness of the falling snow, you can only hear the roaring of the fire. And when the wooden house collapses, the only sounds left are the frightened whispers of those who made it out on time.

And yet something is not how it’s supposed to be. The numbers don’t add up. And fate proves to be terribly cruel toward one mother: Serena.
If there is a word that Serena never thought she would identify with, it’s precisely the word “mother”. She is the “blond shark”, a fierce and successful broker in the world of high finance. She is the master of her own destiny, and no one is her master.

However, everything changes after the fire at the chalet and Serena starts plunging into her worst nightmare. What if the maternal instinct that she always rejected is stronger than the fire, than fate, and any other thing in the universe? What if we realise that we love someone deeply, just when we think we have lost them forever?

This is not just Donato Carrisi’s latest masterpiece. Serena is not a character like most characters, and this is not a story like most stories. This is an unstoppable journey to the discovery of the hidden corners of our heart and fears which will forever change our view of the world.


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