L'ipotesi del male (The Vanished Ones)

L'ipotesi del male (The Vanished Ones) Donato Carrisi
Pub date 30th April 2013
Original publisher Longanesi (Italy)
Publisher (UK) Little, Brown
International publishers Shanghai Translation (China), Znanje (Croatia), Dobrovsky s.r.o (Czech Republic), Calmann Levy (France), Piper (Germany), Oceanida (Greece), Sigongsa (Korea), Matica (Macedonia), Albatros (Poland), Porto (Portugal), Azbooka-Atticus (Russia), Vulkan (Serbia), Planeta (Spain), Spring (Taiwan), Women’s Publishing House (Vietnam)    


“Have you ever wanted to disappear?”

It is a feeling that everyone, sooner or later, experiences: the desire to disappear. To escape from it all. To leave everything behind.

But for some people it is not just a momentary lapse. It becomes an obsession, that devours and swallows them up. These people disappear into the darkness. No one knows why or how. And soon almost everybody forgets them.

But not Mila Vasquez, for she is always surrounded by their looks.   Every time she enters the missing persons office – The Limbo – hundreds of eyes keep staring at her from the photos that cover the walls of the Room of Lost Steps.

Unable to forget those that have vanished into thin air, she carries the signs of their darkness on her skin too, like red flowers rooted in her soul. Maybe that’s why Mila is the best at what she does: to hunt those lost souls forgotten by the rest of the world.

But what if some of those that disappeared suddenly come back with obscure intentions? Mila realises that to stop this army of shadows, clues are useless and investigations simply not enough. She must give the darkness a shape, and a ratio, to build a solid and convincing hypothesis….The Hypothesis of Evil.



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