Io sono l'abisso (I Am The Abyss)

Io sono l'abisso (I Am The Abyss) Donato Carrisi
Pub date 16th November 2021
Original publisher Longanesi (Italy)
International publishers Calmann Levy (France), Atrium (Germany), Matica Makedonska (North Macedonia), Albatros (Poland), Vulkan (Serbia), Spring International (Taiwan)





It’s exactly ten to five in the morning. The lake is just visible on the horizon: a long streak of lead, black and silver. The man who cleans is about to begin a day of collecting rubbish. He’s not disgusted by his work; indeed, he knows that it is necessary. And he knows that it’s in what people throw away that the greatest secrets are hidden. He knows how to interpret these things, how to use them. For he too has a secret he is keeping.

The man who cleans lives a life of habit and routine, with the exception of the occasional – but memorable – special evening.

What he does not know is that in a few hours, his orderly life will be overturned by an encounter with a girl with a violet streak in her hair. He, who has chosen to be invisible, a barely perceptible shadow at the margins of society, will find himself caught up in the unspeakable story of this girl. The risk is not only that someone will discover who he is and what he actually does, but, as has been the case since he was a child, that he will upset the man behind the green door.

There’s another thing that the man who cleans doesn’t know, that out there someone is already looking for him. The fly hunter has set herself a mission: to end violence and save as many women as she can. Nothing will stop her, neither her physical ailments nor the dark fame that accompanies her.

When a clue emerges from the depths of the lake, the hunter knows that it is a message she alone can understand. There is only one thing that she can, and must, do: hunt down the invisible shadow at the heart of the abyss.


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