La casa delle luci (The House of Lights)

La casa delle luci (The House of Lights) Donato Carrisi
Pub date 2nd November 2022
Original publisher Longanesi

In the big dark house made of stone, lives a little girl who is always alone…

Her name is Eva, she is ten years old, and only a maid and a Finnish au pair girl, Maja Salo, look after her. Her parents are not there. It is Maja who seeks the help of the best hypnotist in Florence, Pietro Gerber, because Eva now has an imaginary friend, without a name and an identity, and because of this presence, she might be in danger.

But Pietro Gerber’s reputation is shattered, and in many ways, so is he. Confused and uncertain about his future, Pietro reluctantly agrees to meet Eva, and her imaginary friend.

But the voice of the lost child who speaks through Eva, when she is under hypnosis, is not unknown to him.

Moreover, that voice knows Pietro and his past. It seems to know the long buried truth of what happened during a hot Summer when he was a child.

Because when he was eleven, Pietro died.

And the mysterious fact that happened after his death still haunts him.


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