La donna dei fiori di carta (The Girl With The Paper Flowers)

La donna dei fiori di carta (The Girl With The Paper Flowers) Donato Carrisi
Pub date 12th September 2013
Original publisher Longanesi (Italy)
International publishers Calmann-Lévy (France),  Azbooka-Atticus (Russia), Vulkan (Serbia), Spring International (Taiwan), Pegasus (Turkey)




Monte Fumo is a cathedral of ice, the scene of a decisive battle. But the echoes of those fighting don’t reach inside the cavern in which a confrontation between two men is taking place. One is a prisoner, due to be shot at dawn, unless he reveals his name and rank. The other is a doctor, who has just one night to convince him to talk, but he doesn’t yet know that what he will hear is far more than he asked for and will change his own life forever. For the lives of these two men, who should be enemies, are in fact connected. They are hanging from a very fine thread like the smoke that rises from their cigarettes, and depend on the answers to three questions.

Who is the prisoner? Who is Guzman? Who was the man who was smoking on the Titanic?

This is the story of the truth hidden in the depths of a legend. The story of an unlikely hero and his obsession. This story has travelled down through time, and cheated death, for it is destined for the heart of a mysterious woman.


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