Il gioco del suggeritore (The Whisperer's Game)

Il gioco del suggeritore (The Whisperer's Game) Donato Carrisi
Pub date 3rd December 2018
Original publisher Longanesi (Italy)
Publisher (UK) Little, Brown
International publishers Dobrovsky s.r.o (Czech Republic), Calmann-Levy (France), Atrium (Germany), Sofoklis (Lithuania), Matica Makedonska (Macedonia), Albatros (Poland), Azbooka-Atticus (Russia), Vulkan (Serbia), Duomo (Spain), Pegasus (Turkey), Women’s Publishing (Vietnam)  



The phone call to the police arrives at dusk from an isolated farmhouse, fifty miles from the city. A terrified woman’s voice pleads for help. But a violent storm rages in the area and the first available patrol only succeeds in reaching her hours later.

It is too late.

Something perturbing has happened, something which leaves the investigators without a credible response – only an enigma. Just one person is able to reveal the message hidden behind this act of evil, but this person is no longer a policeman. She left her work as a missing persons investigator and withdrew from society to live an isolated existence beside a lake; her daughter Alice her only companion. Even so, when she is called upon to help with this case, Mila Vasquez cannot shirk her duty. The investigation involves her closely…. more than she could ever believe.

An obscure pattern begins to unfold, formed of skilfully concealed horrors and constant challenges. Evil changes name, changes appearance, hides itself in the borders between the real world and the virtual one, where nowadays everyone spends a large part of their lives, leaving behind digital traces which are impossible to delete.


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