The Christmas Ghost

The Christmas Ghost Tobias Goldfarb
Pub date 4th October 2021
Original publisher arsEdition

Bob, a young ghost of 200 years, shuns the typical ghostly career choices of Poltergeist, Djinn or Ghoul. He wants to become a Christmas Ghost. But before he can bear that title, he has to turn a hard-hearted, close-fisted, greedy human into a generous and likeable person. Not an easy task, but on the first Sunday of Advent he flies off to find someone to scare.

He befriends Sophie, a timid and fearful girl, who’s afraid of ghosts until she actually meets one. Together, they try to find a greedy human being.

They don’t need to look for long: Tim Bling is the CEO of the tech start- up Bling Bling, aggressively selling the dolls Christmas Chrissie (for girls) and Christmas Chris (for boys). Soon everyone wants one. But the smart dolls aren’t as harmless as they seem. They listen to conversations in the home, they order stuff over the internet, they manipulate children.

It’s a difficult task for the ghost and the girl, and a dangerous one, as the intelligent dolls become aware of their plan. But Christmas itself is on their side.

In this modern fairy tale linked to Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, two misfits become best friends and set off on a quest to inspire the spirit of Christmas in a world of heartless consumerism.


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