Fonk: Secret Agent From Space

Fonk: Secret Agent From Space Tobias Goldfarb
Pub date 28th June 2021
Original publisher Carlsen Verlag

The Intergalactic League of Gentle Beings (ILGB) doesn’t know what to think about Planet Earth: Are human beings kind and creative? Or are they cruel and insatiable? Should the League offer them membership? Or are they more likely to join the infamous Pirate Club Star Guzzlers?

In order to find out more, the League sends a secret agent to Earth: Fonk, a happy-go-lucky flight artist from the planet Little Budge. These creatures look exactly like budgerigars on Earth, so the disguise is perfect.

But Fonk is very bad at keeping secrets – he reveals himself to a boy called Florian and his friend Charlotte. The children and the quirky alien become great friends. The kids need to pass some very difficult tests to convince the Intergalactic League of Gentle Beings that humans are indeed kind creatures.

In the first tome of the series, the children try to save an overgrown orchard from being turned into a parking space and headquarter of the Ripoff-Insurance.

Earth’s future is in the children’s hands and the time is ticking, the Star Guzzlers are coming …


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