Speculoos the Dragon Saves Christmas

Speculoos the Dragon Saves Christmas Tobias Goldfarb
Pub date 23rd August 2022
Original publisher Schneiderbuch

A new adventure for Speculoos the Christmas Dragon. It’s December and siblings Mats and Matilda are looking forward to baking Christmas treats, lighting candles and perhaps even the first snow of the year. But it’s all going terribly wrong with no Christmas spirit at all! Why does the advent wreath suddenly smell of vinegar? And why is everyone in a bad mood? Mats and Matilda agree that only Speculoos can put things right. The little Christmas Dragon flew straight back to home to Christmas Island after their last adventure, but he rushes back immediately to help. Speculoos thinks he might know who’s responsible for this year’s Christmas chaos: a certain someone who doesn’t like Christmas one bit…


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