Fonk: Aliens Like Company

Fonk: Aliens Like Company Tobias Goldfarb
Pub date 24th February 2022
Original publisher Carlsen Verlag

FONK is back! The super-secret intergalactic agent from the planet Little Budski is still trying to convince the ILGB (Intergalactic League of Gentle Beings) that humans can be kind and caring, and are not as greedy, grim and gruesome as they appear from outer space.

This time, the mission seems almost impossible: a new kid, Emil, arrives in class and immediately becomes the bullies’ target. But it gets worse – Boris has a new app on his phone that converts photos of people into animals. An embarrassing picture of the Emil as a donkey goes viral on the Internet. Pretty soon, the whole world is laughing at him.

The ILGB sends an envoy to Earth: a Moonfrog, an ancient being with skin made of stone that can jump from planet to planet. The ILSE is in trouble: the Star Eaters, an organisation of greedy space pirates, have attacked their headquarters and are listening to their communication. The Star Eaters are convinced that humanity should join their club. They see humans as evil and reckless like themselves.

Moonfrog has a new mission for Fonk and his earthling friends: Emil has to be elected as student representative in their school. A perfect way to proof that humans have a good heart and are ready to correct their mistakes. But everybody laughs at Emil and the boy himself is very shy and doesn’t trust anyone. How can they convince him to apply for the position of student rep? And how on earth can they convince the students to vote for him?


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