Fonk: Puppies From Outer Space

Fonk: Puppies From Outer Space Tobias Goldfarb
Pub date 22nd October 2022
Original publisher Carlsen Verlag

So cuddly and fluffy! All of a sudden, there are little puppies everywhere. Even Florian’s family adopts one of the sweet little dogs from the animal shelter. But something’s wrong with these pups. They instil utter chaos and soon, the town is split between dog lovers and dog haters.

But are they really dogs? Could these animals be connected to the Star Eaters’ spaceship that is supposedly parked in the gym next to Florian’s school? And what about the secret tunnel that leads from the gym to the animal shelter…?

Intergalactic secret agent Fonk and his friends start to investigate. But they have to hurry up to prevent the Star Eaters from completing their sinister plan. As they work on a way to save the little alien puppies, dog haters in town plan a massive demonstration. There’s no time to lose!

A society that drifts apart, people with radical views pushing their ideas onto others – it’s a difficult time for earthlings, but Fonk and his friends do their best to show the Intergalactic League for Gentle Beings that humans are not as crazy as they appear.


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