Speculoos the Christmas Dragon

Speculoos the Christmas Dragon Tobias Goldfarb
Pub date 2nd August 2018
Original publisher Schneiderbuch

Speculoos is more than just a biscuit! Mats has a fairly odd start to his December. Instead of a proper advent calendar with little presents inside, he only gets a boring paper one with stupid quotes on the inside. But then the mysterious Ms Karma gives Mats an egg. A golden egg, from which soon hatches a little dragon.
Mats realises quickly that the little guy has to be a Christmas dragon. He smells of Christmas biscuits, which is why Mats decides to call him Speculoos. And each day, Speccy the Christmas dragon has a new surprise for Mats and his sister Mathilda. The children’s life is turned upside down: they’ve never had so much Christmas, so much chaos and so many adventures in only 24 days! A charming festive read in 24 chapters with many colourful illustrations.


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