Wolves Eat Dogs

Wolves Eat Dogs Martin Cruz Smith
Pub date 7th October 2005
Original publisher Macmillan (UK), Simon & Schuster (USA)
International publishers Mondadori (Italy), AST Publishing House (Russia), Ediciones A.S.P (Spain), BachvietBooks (Vietnam)




Pasha Ivanov has been found dead on the pavement outside his luxury high-rise apartment inMoscow. It seems like a straightforward suicide, but Renko, never one to take evidence at face value, refuses to drop the case, and there is something puzzling him: a mountain of salt found in Ivanov’s wardrobe . . .

Determined to look deeper into the circumstances of Ivanov’s demise, he acquaints himself with this wealthy businessman’s powerful and corrupt circle, until his investigations lead him toChernobyl’s notorious Zone of Exclusion, where the body of Lev Timofeyev, Ivanov’s former research partner, has been discovered in a contaminated cemetery…


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