The Siberian Dilemma

The Siberian Dilemma Martin Cruz Smith
Pub date 14th November 2019
Original publisher Simon & Schuster (UK/US)
International publishers Editions Calmann-Levy (France), C. Bertelsmann (Germany), Bertrand (Portugal)




The latest instalment in the internationally bestselling Arkady Renko series

Arkady Renko is Senior Investigator for Special Cases, operating at the fringes of the daily struggle between corrupt officialdom, anti-Putin protestors and bears escaped from the Moscow Zoo. When the enigmatic Tatiana disappears in Siberia while investigating pro-democracy campaigner and presidential candidate Mikhail Kuznetsov, Renko must head East in search of her.

Kuznetsov is a billionaire and a moving target, consolidating his political power across the region but increasingly in the sights of Putin’s regime. Is Tatiana in league with him, or in danger? As the net tightens around Kuznetsov, Renko will be asked to kill to save what he loves. And everywhere, there are bears.



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