Gorky Park

Gorky Park Martin Cruz Smith
Pub date 1st March 1981
Original publisher Simon & Schuster (UK/US)
International publishers Bertelsmann (Germany), To Vima tis Kyriakis + Harlenic Hellas (Greece), Mondadori (Italy), Nevermore (Korea), Ambo-Anthos (Netherlands), Albatros (Poland), Orizonturi (Romania), Novosti Press Agency (Russia), RBA Libros (Spain), Nokhook (Thailand), Bachviet Books (Vietnam)



A triple murder in a Moscow amusement centre: three corpses found frozen in the snow, faces and fingers missing. Chief homicide investigator Arkady Renko is brilliant, sensitive, honest, and cynical about everything except his profession. To identify the victims and uncover the truth, he must battle the KGB, FBI, and the New York City police as he pursues a rich, ruthless, and well-connected American fur dealer. Meanwhile, Renko is falling in love with a beautiful, headstrong dissident for whom he may risk everything.


Praise for Gorky Park

‘…An unbelievable achievement…vivid, witty…completely fascinating.’

The Washington Post

‘British crime writer Val McDermid says he is “one of those writers that anyone who is serious about their craft views with respect bordering on awe”. She says Gorky Park signalled how the genre could develop and he has gone on to write about “places most of us have never visited but which we think we know something about from the headlines. He shows us a different story, and that can’t help but make us re-examine our prejudices. It’s one of the jobs of the novelist to shine a light in the dark places, whether those be literal or metaphorical. He does both.”‘

– Nicholas Wroe, The Guardian

‘Renko – vulnerable, decent, brave and smart – extracts a measure of honor from a shabby international affair and takes his place alongside the best creations of John Le Carre.”

– Peter Andrews, The New York Times


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