Havana Bay

Havana Bay Martin Cruz Smith
Pub date 1st June 1999
Original publisher Macmillan (UK), Random House (US)
International publishers Mondadori (Italy), Olma Media (Russia), Planeta (Spain)




Across the bay a golden dome seemed to burst into flame, and the houses of the Malecon started to express their unlikely colours of lemon, rose, royal purple, aqua,arine.  It really was a lovely city, he thought.

When the corpse of a Russian is hauled from the oily waters of Havana Bay, Arkady Renko comes to Cuba to identify the body.  Looking for the killer, he discovers a city of faded loneliness, unexpected danger, and bewildering contradictions.  In this place where all things Russian are despised, where Hemingway fished and the KGB flourished, where the hint of music is always in the air, Arkady finds a trail of deceit that reaches halfway around the world – and a reason to relish his own life again.


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