Dragon Rider: The Griffin's Feather

Dragon Rider: The Griffin's Feather Cornelia Funke
Pub date 26th September 2016
Original publisher Dressler (Germany)
Publisher (UK) Chicken House
Publisher (US) Scholastic (US and Canada)
International publishers Gallimard Jeunesse (France), Mondadori (Italy), Querido (The Netherlands), Opal (Sweden)

Two years after they defeated Nettelbrand, a new adventure awaits Ben, Barnabas and Twigleg. The offspring of the last Pegasus is in danger! Only the sun feather of a griffin can save the foals. Together with a flying rat, a fjord troll and a nervous parrot, the three companions travel to Indonesia. But in their search for the most dangerous mythical creature of all, they soon realise that they really could use the help of a dragon and a goblin.


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