Ghost Knight

Ghost Knight
Pub date 4th October 2012
Original publisher Dressler (Germany)
Publisher (UK) Orion
Publisher (US) Little, Brown
International publishers Companhia das Letras (Brazil), Mondadori (Italy), Kinneret-Zmora (Israel), WAVE (Japan), Querido (Netherlands), Cappelen Damm (Norway), Opal (Sweden), Nanmee Books (Thailand), Epsilon (Turkey), Nha Nam (Vietnam)

When eleven-year-old Jon Whitcroft is sent to a boarding school in Salisbury he believes suffering homesickness must be the worst experience of his life, but he soon realises that there are even worse things to worry about, not least being haunted by the awful ghost of Lord Stourton, who seeks to murder every male member of Jon’s family. As his next victim, Jon is the best person to try and stop Lord Stourton – but this is a difficult task for a young boy who has only just learned that ghosts exist in the real world and not just in stories. Fortunately he obtains help from Ella, a girl from his school who is both beautiful and fearless, and her grandmother Zelda, who is very knowledgeable about ghosts. He also secures even more valuable assistance in the form of the ghostly Knight Longspee, who can be summoned to help in moments of danger. However eradicating Stourton proves more tricky than he’d thought at first and young Jon also has to face a further big challenge, when he is begged by Longspee to search for his stolen heart, so that it may be reunited with his wife’s heart and so Longspee can be released from his restless existence as a ghost.

Age Group: 9-12 


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