Pub date 28th February 2015
Original publisher Dressler (Germany)
International publishers Companhia das Letras (Brazil), Gallimard Jeunesse (France), Mondadori (Italy),  Querido Kinderboeken (The Netherlands), Bokforlaget Opal (Sweden)

The next thrilling instalment in the Reckless series...

Jacob and Fox are back in New York and looking forward to seeing Will and Clara, as they plan to return to the Mirrorworld to enjoy life. They definitely won’t have to race against time and dodge deadly Fairy curses anymore...

Naturally, when things start out looking great, it doesn’t take long for things to go badly. And things get very bad, very quickly. Jacob’s safe and secret hiding place for the magical crossbow of Guismond the Witch Slayer is neither safe, nor secret and quickly finds its way into the hands of Spieler, a powerful exile from Mirrorworld. For Spieler, the crossbow is not just a mysterious object but a key weap-on in his quest to escape from exile. Of course, he didn’t help Jacob out of sympathy, but to make sure Jacob would bring the crossbow through the mirror and within his reach.

Convincing Will the Dark Fairy was responsible for Clara’s Sleeping Beauty coma, Spieler manipulates Jacob’s brother into going back to the Mirrorworld to do his bidding, accompanied by two Alderelf mirror creatures.

Funke flawlessly weaves together the threads of the Reckless series, as Jacob once more has to try and find his brother.  The fairy tales of Ukraine and Russia form the magical backdrop for the race to save Will and outwit the Alderelfs as he cheats a Baba Yaga, gets help from a three-eyed toothsayer and steals a magic carpet from the Tzar's magic collection.  All the while, the Dark Fairy's quest to fins someone who can sever the Golden Yarn seals her fate, as Will catches up with her.

With the Alderelfs thinking it is safe to return and Jacob stranded in the eastern steppes, Heartless, after a thrilling ride, leaves us with a perfect cliffhanger...




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