Zero K

Zero K Don DeLillo (in conjunction with the Wallace Literary Agency)
Pub date 3rd May 2016
Publisher (UK) Picador
Publisher (US) Scribner
International publishers Schwarcz/Companhia das Letras (Brazil), Lindhardt & Ringhof (Denmark), Tammi (Finland), Actes Sud (France), Kiepenheuer & Witsch (Germany), Einaudi (Italy), Ambo Anthos (The Netherlands), Gyldendal Norsk (Norway), Porto (Portugal), Seix Barral (Spain), Meettok (Spain – Basque), Albert Bonniers (Sweden),

Jeffrey Lockhart has been summoned to The Convergence: a remote and secret compound where death is exquisitely, cryogenically controlled.

He is there to say goodbye to his stepmother, Artis, who has chosen to surrender her dying body; preserving it until a future time when biomedical advances and new technologies can return her to a life of transcendent promise.

And his healthy father, Ross, might join her.

Hypnotic and seductive, Zero K is a visionary novel about the legacies we leave, the nobility of death, and the ultimate worth of ‘the mingled astonishments of our time, here, on earth.’


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