Cosmopolis Don DeLillo (in conjunction with the Wallace Literary Agency)
Pub date 14th April 2003
Original publisher Scribner (US)
International publishers Schwarz/Companhia das Letras (Brazil), Lindhardt & Ringhof (Denmark), Tammi (Finland), Actes Sud (French), Kiepenheur & Witsch (Germany), Einaudi (Italy), Gyldendal (Norway), Relogio d’Agua (Portugal), Seix Barral (Spain)

Eric Packer is a twenty-eight-year-old multi-billionaire asset manager. We join him on what will become a particularly eventful April day in turn-of-the-twenty-first-century Manhattan. He’s on a personal odyssey, to get a haircut. Sitting in his stretch limousine as it moves across town, he finds the city at a virtual standstill because the President is visiting, a rapper’s funeral is proceeding, and a violent protest is being staged in Times Square by anti-globalist groups. Most worryingly, Eric’s bodyguards are concerned that he may be a target…

An electrifying study in affectlessness, infused with with deep cynicism and measured detachment; a harsh indictment of the life-denying tendencies of capitalism; as brutal a dissection of the American dream as Wolfe’s Bonfire or Ellis’s Psycho, Cosmopolis is a caustic prophecy all too quickly realized.


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