The Silence

The Silence Don DeLillo (in conjunction with the Wallace Literary Agency)
Pub date 20th October 2020
Publisher (UK) Picador
Publisher (US) Scribner
International publishers Companhia das Letras (Brazil), Yilin Press (China), Batzer & Co (Denmark), Tammi (Finland), Actes Sud (France), Kiepenheuer & Witsch (Germany), Dardanos/Gutenberg (Greece), Einaudi (Italy), Changbi (Korea), Ambo-Anthos (Netherlands), Gyldendal Norsk (Norway), Noir Sur Blanc (Poland), Relógio D’Agua (Portugal), Pandora (Romania), Geopoetika (Serbia), Seix Barral (Spain), Edicions 62 (Spain – Catalan), Albert Bonniers (Sweden), Aquarius (Taiwan), Siren (Turkey)  

Don DeLillo completed this novel just weeks before the devastating advent of Covid-19. The Silence is the story of a different catastrophic event.

It is Super Bowl Sunday in the year 2022. Five people are due to have dinner in an apartment on the east side of Manhattan. The hosts are a retired physics professor and her husband; they are joined by one of her former students and await the arrival of another couple, delayed by what becomes a dramatic flight from Paris.

In the apartment, talk ranges widely. The opening kickoff is one commercial away. Then something happens and the digital connections that have transformed our lives are severed.

What follows is a dazzling and profoundly moving conversation about what makes us human. Never has the art of fiction been such an immediate guide to our navigation of a bewildering world. Never have DeLillo’s prescience, imagination and language been more illuminating and essential.

Praise for Don DeLillo

‘One of American’s greatest living writers.’ – Observer

‘DeLillo is one of urban life’s most perceptive chroniclers.’ – Independent

‘No writer has been as prescient and eerily prophetic about twenty-first century America as Don DeLillo.’ – New York Times

‘Extravagant literary gifts, formidable intellect and unflinching artistic gaze . . . a genuine master.’ – Irish Independent


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