Americana Don DeLillo (in conjunction with the Wallace Literary Agency)
Pub date 1st January 1971
Original publisher Houghton Mifflin (US)
International publishers Actes Sud (France), Kiepenheur & Witsch (Germany), Einaudi (Italy), Seix Barral (Spain), Modernista (Sweden), Relogio d’Agua (Portugal)

Prosperous, good-looking and empty inside, 28-year-old advertising executive David Bell appears on the surface to have everything. But he is a man on the brink of losing his sanity. Trapped in a Manhattan office with soulless sycophants as his only company, he makes an abrupt decision to leave New York for America’s mid-west. His plan: to film the small-town lives of ordinary people and make contact with the true heart of his homeland. But as Bell puts his films together in his hotel room, he grows increasingly convinced that there is no heart to find. Modern America has become a land that has reached the end of its reel…


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