The Member of the Wedding

The Member of the Wedding Carson McCullers (Estate)
Pub date 31st January 1946
Original publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (US)
Publisher (UK) Penguin
International publishers Lindhardt & Ringhof (Denmark), Editions Stock (France), Diogenes (Germany), Einaudi (Italy), L’Altra Editorial (Spain – Catalan), Norstedts (Sweden)



With delicacy of perception and memory, humour and pathos, Carson McCullers spreads before us the three phases of a weekend crisis in the life of a motherless twelve-year-old girl. ¬†Within the span of a few hours, the irresistible, hoydenish Frankie passionately plays out her fantasies at her elder brother’s wedding. ¬†Through a perilous skylight we look into the mind of a child torn between her yearning to belong and the urge to run away.


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