The Annam Jewel

The Annam Jewel Patricia Wentworth (Estate)
Pub date 1924
Original publisher Andrew Melrose
Publisher (UK) Dean Street Press
Publisher (US) Open Road
International publishers Editions 10/18 (France)

“Thou hast betrayed, and thou hast slain…”

What is the mystery shrouding the lovely but sinister Annam stone, stolen from a remote shrine? Every owner of it has suffered an unhappy fate. When Peter Waring, nephew of the original thief, inherited the jewel, it would mean great power and wealth—or so he imagined. His rude awakening leads to a maze of deceit and treachery, a bogus love affair, and a narrowly escaped death. Peter believes the gem is in the hands of the one man in the world he has every reason to hate. A game of cat and mouse is about to ensue, with each man believing the other has what he wants…

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