Devil-in-the-Dark / Touch and Go

Devil-in-the-Dark / Touch and Go Patricia Wentworth (Estate)
Pub date 1934
Publisher (UK) Dean Street Press
Publisher (US) Open Road

“I know what we’ll do. We’ll play Devil-in-the dark.”


When Sarah Trent was engaged as governess to seventeen-year-old Lucilla Hildred, she didn’t bargain for a series of sinister occurrences—scary noises, the nocturnal rattle of claws against glass, a sabotaged bicycle. Then there is a neighbouring burglary, leaving a set of muddy footprints—but whose?


Sarah comes to suspect that someone is trying to kill the orphaned Lucilla, sole heir to a fortune. Is it visiting American John Brown, or could Lucilla be playing a deceptive game of her own? Someone is poised, waiting like a snake to strike, and Lucilla may not be the only prey…

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