The Alington Inheritance

The Alington Inheritance Patricia Wentworth (Estate)
Pub date 1958
Original publisher New English Library
Publisher (UK) Hodder & Stoughton
Publisher (US) Open Road
International publishers Luitingh-Sijthoff (NL), Union Generale d’Editions (FR), Wilhelm Goldmann (GE)

Book 31 in the Miss Silver series

When a question of inheritance turns fatal, Miss Silver searches for the killer.

Jenny has never been one to feel sorry for herself. The illegitimate child of a wealthy man and a statureless woman, she has been an orphan since before she can remember. It is a hard life made bearable only by the kindness of her guardian, an old woman named Miss Garstone, who has always treated Jenny as her own. Struck down by a motorist, “Garsty” dies, whispering to Jenny that her parents were actually married, and she is the rightful heir to the Alington fortune. Miss Garstone was not the only one who knew the secret, and as Jenny grieves, her wealthy cousins work to protect their fortune. When the quiet conflict turns deadly, governess-turned-detective Miss Silver is the only one who can unravel the perplexing family saga.

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