Anne Belinda

Anne Belinda Patricia Wentworth (Estate)
Pub date 1927
Publisher (UK) Dean Street Press
Publisher (US) Open Road
Where is Anne Belinda?

Anne Belinda has disappeared—and every time John Waveney mentions her name there is an ominous silence. Lady Jenifer Marr, Anne’s twin sister, says she is in Spain. Which is odd—for John is sure he has caught a glimpse of her that very day in Jenny’s garden. Why is Jenny misleading him? What is the secret that has made her turn Anne’s picture to the wall—that has made old Sir Anthony, on his deathbed, disinherit Anne and leave the estate to him, a distant cousin? John is determined to break through that grim wall of silence—but does Anne want to be found? John is a man who always gets what he wants—and this time he is sure the prize will be well worth the struggle.

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