Osnova Shpionazha - Kratkii Kurs (The Principles of Espionage)

Osnova Shpionazha - Kratkii Kurs (The Principles of Espionage) Viktor Suvorov
Pub date 31st August 2016
Original publisher Dobraya Kniga (Russia)
International publishers Tanapaev (Estonia), Dienas Gramata (Latvia), Rebis (Poland), Polirom (Romania)

An Inside Account of Soviet Military Intelligence

How are spies recruited? Where and how are they trained? How do they choose their wives? How do spy organisations operate? How does a spy look for the right people to recruit? It is a huge problem that spies become inundated with information that is useless and irrelevant.  How, then, does one assign missions to them? How does one ensure they work to the highest quality? How does one interpret the information obtained? What does one do in the event of failure? The answers to such questions and many others can be found in this book.

The Principles of Espionage is a comprehensive guide to Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU), from its origins in the early twentieth century to the peak of its power in the 1960s and 70s, and also offers an insight into the state of Russian intelligence today. This fascinating account explores the history, structure and organisation, strategy and tactics  of the GRU, and explains how this powerful intelligence organisation was able to penetrate the defence structures of the West, uncovering the United States’ most confidential technological secret – the nuclear project – thereby changing the balance of global power and the course of twentieth-century history.

Like a pyramid, Soviet intelligence has many levels to it. Viktor Suvorov has passed through them all: from the bottom of strategics (the armed reconnaissance of the Motorised Infantry Regiment) to the highest level (as a spy based in Geneva), he has been at the very heart of global espionage. In The Principles of Espionage, he reveals the inner workings of the Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU), an organisation unlike any other.


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