The Last Republic

The Last Republic
Pub date 1st January 1997
Original publisher AST (Russia)
International publishers Lessen & Schenke (Germany), Rebis (Poland), POLIROM (Romania), Zelenji Pes - Gamazyn (Ukraine)

Stalin decided to support Hitler and his rise to power and personally ensure that World War II was not avoided. Stalin’s calculation was that Hitler would bring all of Europe to its knees, but the Soviet Unionwould not take part in the war. Then, after Germany had already destroyed all of the governments and parliaments, all of the political parties and armies of continental Europe, and after he had sent millions of people to concentration camps, spreading his control over the entire continent, he would attempt to capture Britain – at which point the Soviet Union would launch a sudden attack on Hitler from the other front and “liberate” Europe.

In 1930,Moscow became the location of the construction of the largest building in the world. It was to be 500 metres high. And it was in this building that Stalin planned to bring the “last republic” into the fold of theSoviet Union.

Hitler had already smashed Europe and prepared to do the same to Britain, but at the last moment he guessed Stalin’s secret plan and attacked first. There was to be no worldwide communist revolution. But the Soviet Union was not able to coexist with normal countries, just as a cancer cell cannot survive on its own in a healthy body. Either the one or the other had to be victorious. Even in June 1941 Stalin understood that, taking the long view, theSoviet Unionwas bound to fail.

The Soviet Union did not bring the “last republic” into its fold. Quite the opposite: the Soviet Union itself disintegrated into separate states, leaving only the Russian republic left: they are the true last republic. And the future of this republic is very much at risk – it’s already also falling into pieces.

The Last Republic  has two further parts: Volume Two - Svyatoe Delo (The Holy Cause) and Volume Three - Razgrom (The Rout).


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