Kuz'kina Mat

Kuz'kina Mat
Pub date 1st October 2011
Original publisher Dobraya Kniga (Russia)
International publishers Fakel Express (Bulgaria), Tanapaev (Estonia), Dienas Gramata (Latvia), Mintis (Lithuania), Rebis (Poland), Polirom (Romania), Zelenij Pes (Ukraine)

(We Will Bury You)

Kuz’kina Mat - a pet name for a nuclear bomb constructed and tested in the Soviet Union in the early 1960s - is a grand scale reconstruction of the historical events that lead to the Cuban Missile and Berlin crises and put humankind on the verge of a Third World War. Bestselling author and military historian, Viktor Suvorov weaves together a strong narrative of previously unknown facts and an unexpected interpretation of the official propaganda of both sides. In a recognisable, ironic and deceptively familiar style Suvorov provides a detailed analysis of the state of the Soviet and American military forces, the power struggle within the Soviet leadership and events that defined the ultimate fate of the Soviet Union and communist ideology. This book is a breath-taking tale of political intrigue, scientific and technological breakthrough and the confrontation between two nuclear superpowers and their secret services.




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