Icebreaker Viktor Suvorov
Pub date 1st August 1990
Publisher (UK) Hamish Hamilton
International publishers Kairosz Kiado (Hungary), Dienas Gramata (Latvia), Rebis (Poland), Polirom (Romania), Dobraya Kniga (Russia), Planeta (Spain), Delta Basim Yayin Dagitim Kirtasiye (Turkey), Zelenij Pes-Gamazyn (Ukraine)

A documentary book which alleges that World War II started as a result of Joseph Stalin’s ploy to liberate the working class of Europe and eventually the whole world. A highly original analysis of the run-up to and causes of the Second World War. Suvorov makes the claim that Stalin was as much to blame for unleashing the Second World War as Hitler. It was a major bestseller in Russia, and by the year 2000, it was translated into 27 languages and published more than 100 times.


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