Matching Food & Wine: Classic and Not So Classic Combinations

Matching Food & Wine: Classic and Not So Classic Combinations Michel Roux Jr
Pub date 14th April 2005
Publisher (UK) Weidenfeld & Nicolson (WR)

As with most French families, Michel Roux Jr was about 10 when he was given his first sip of wine at the family table, a tradition he has continued in his own family as an initiation into the respect and understanding that can be accorded to the pleasures of the table.

This is his very personal view of pairing food and wine, experience honed over the last 25 years by an appreciation of the classic combinations and experimenting with new and different ones. He blows away some of the perceived wisdoms (such as red wine with cheese) and explores different and exciting combinations. The right combination, he explains, will make both the food and the wine taste better.

Michel advises on how to store wine at home, at which temperatures it should be served, when to decant, which glasses to use, and how to spot a corked wine.

Matching Food & Wine is structured as a meal, starting with pre-dinner drinks, and moving on to starters, the main course, cheese and dessert. With each recipe Michel recommends two or three accompanying wines or drinks and explains why he has chosen them.

His recipes are simple, elegant and delicious, and will appeal to the modern cook. The wines chosen come from around the world with the emphasis on styles of wine and predominant grape varieties. He also selects 15 great wines and creates the ideal meal around them.

Michel also lists the foods which react badly to wine, and the drinks which do no favours to food.

Matching Food & Wine will introduce you to a whole new dimension of enjoying yourself at the table.


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