A Robot in the School

A Robot in the School Deborah Install
Pub date 6th November 2019
Original publisher Shogakukan (Japan)

Five years after the ornery Tang came into their lives, Ben and Amy Chambers are faced with a new challenge: how best to educate a robot. With their daughter, Bonnie, about to start school, Tang does not wish to be left out, and wants to know why he wasn’t sent to school years ago.
Amy persuades Bonnie’s school to accept Tang in class on a trial basis, but he soon learns that not everyone will welcome to him the way Ben did.

Meanwhile, family friend Kato Aubergine, now returned to live in Tokyo with wife Lizzie and toddler Tom, gets in touch with Amy in her capacity as a barrister to ask if she might take on a secondment with his company, whilst they bring a new product line to the market.

Whilst Ben and Amy consider the offer, Tang fights to prove his place at school is justified, finding it hard to remain true to himself when he is bullied.

Meanwhile, knowledgeable but emotionally limited robot Jasmine pursues her love of reading by joining a book group, but doing so drives a wedge between her and Tang that their relationship might not survive.


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