A Robot in the House

A Robot in the House Deborah Install
Pub date 7th November 2017
Original publisher Shogakukan (Japan)

In the follow-on to A ROBOT IN THE GARDEN, robot Tang is finding his place in Ben’s household. With baby Bonnie on the cusp of walking and talking, Tang finds that being an older brother is not always easy, and Ben and Amy’s relationship, whilst settled, is still unresolved.

In addition, the family must contend with the arrival of another robot, Jasmine, sent by the unhinged Bollinger to locate Tang and bring him back. But, like Tang, there is more to Jasmine than Bollinger envisaged.
With the threat of Bollinger hanging over their heads, and in Ben’s case also the knowledge that he has committed a crime, the family attempt to go about normal life – but ‘normal’ is not a word that applies in a house with a baby, two robots a kitten and some fish.

Just when it seems that Ben and Amy have their relationship back on track, the inevitable happens. Ben must find a way to protect his family from Bollinger, even if it means sacrificing himself to prison…or worse.


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