A Robot in the Family

A Robot in the Family Deborah Install
Pub date 8th September 2020
Original publisher Shogakukan (Japan)

With Tang, especially, still hurting from the loss of Jasmine, the family return home from Tokyo to find that they have a new house guest: an abandoned, amnesiac robot by the name of Frankie.

Shortly after, Ben visits Bryony and walks in on an argument that exposes a rift in his extended family, and it falls to him to mediate. Long-harboured resentments are discovered when Bryony’s daughter, Annabel, introduces her android boyfriend, Florian.

At the same time, Ben and Amy try to uncover the mystery of who Frankie is and why she has been left with them, whilst struggling with their somewhat impulsive decision to home school their daughter.

Bonnie faces challenges of her own, in a world that does not seem to understand her, and she forms a bond with Frankie that causes problems for a jealous Tang. Frankie herself, however, might be just the solution.


The photos below show Deborah Install signing 50 posters of A Robot in the Family for bookstores in Japan. The third photo is from a display in Yorundi Bookstore.


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