Pretty Bad Things

Pretty Bad Things C J Skuse
Pub date 30th March 2010
Publisher (UK) Chicken House
Publisher (US) Scholastic
International publishers Gallimard (France), Chicken House Deutschland (Germany), Patakis (Greece), Damm (Norway), AudioGo (World English Audio)


Twins Paisley and Beau Argent are in the headlines again. Last time, they were the ‘wonder twins’, when, as six-year-olds, they were found alive in the woods after three days missing following their mother’s death – three days spent looking for their dad.

Now at sixteen, life’s not so wonderful. Cast out and exploited by their money-grabbing grandmother, they’re still clueless about their dad’s whereabouts. Until they discover an old letter from him. That’s when they decide to hit the road – and make headlines again. Holding up fast food joints in Las Vegas might seem extreme but if they can get on the news, and tell their dad they need him, they might just get the dream reunion they never thought could happen.

Billed as a darkly-comic ‘Tarantino for teens’ – this is a fast, fearless and funny first novel from C.J. Skuse.

Praise for Pretty Bad Things

‘It’s so good, I’d recommend it to people I don’t like’ – Kevin Brooks


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