In Bloom

In Bloom C J Skuse
Pub date 9th August 2018
Publisher (UK) HQ/HarperCollins UK
International publishers Hep Kitap (Turkey)

“How can my body nurture life when all my mind wants to do is take it?”

Rhiannon Lewis is a serial killer. And a very good one at that. But there’s a whole raft of new complications with which she must contend. For one, she is pregnant. For two, the foetus has started talking to her. For three, she has an ex-boyfriend mouldering away in her flat who needs to be disposed of quickly. And for three, she’s about to hit the headlines and not for the first time.

Police have arrested Rhee’s boyfriend Craig on suspicion of three murders. It’s only a matter of time before he will be announced to the world as The Reaper, the West Country serial killer whose deeds have filled the newspapers for the last six months. Only it wasn’t Craig’s deeds people were reading about – it was Rhiannon’s. She’s the one who carries knives when she goes out. She’s the one who catfishes men online and ruins their lives. And she’s the one who can’t forgive Craig for sleeping around. He has ruined her dream of a happy family. So he must reap what he has sown. And so must his paramour.

So with Rhiannon off the hook and Craig firmly on it, a baby on the way and a startling new promotion thanks to her renewed position as media darling, Rhiannon should be smelling of roses, right?

Dead wrong. Whatever happens to Sweetpea, one thing’s for sure – someone’s going to suffer.

And this time, it’s her.


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